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Create your own health app

Companies of all sizes—from startups to large healthcare providers—use Suggestic's software and APIs to create nutrition-centric telewellness solutions.

Who we serve

We help diverse customers increase their revenue and meet
customer engagement objectives.


Increase revenue and retention

Use your white-label app to deliver wellness and nutrition programs and increase revenue and retention.

Food CPGs &

Unlock revenue and increase loyalty

Unlock revenue and increase both loyalty and engagement through smarter shopping experiences.

Home Delivered
Meal Kit Services

Deepest personalization

Offer the deepest personalization according to your customers' health and lifestyle needs.


Increase customer LTV

Increase customer LTV by personalizing and bundling supplements for specific goals, protocols and biomarkers.


Practitioner portal, HIPAA compliance

Deliver telewellness and telenutrition programs through a HIPAA compliant app and practitioner portal.

At-Home Labs &
Wearable OEMs

Clinical or digital biomarkers

Use clinical or digital biomarkers to deliver personalized nutrition and lifestyle guidance, and unlock subscription revenue.


Engaging experiences, content journeys

Create engaging experiences with quizzes, dynamic meal planning, live coaching, and content journeys.

Longevity &

Bio-tracking, coaching

Offer bio-tracking, coaching, and content towards optimal health e.g., reverse biological age.

Create any health and wellness journey

Include rich content and quizzes, track customer progress, and
drive business value.

Create any personalized food experience or health program.
Optional: personalize with clinical labs and wearables.
Optional: bundle products (e.g., supplements)

Deep personalization

Personalize down to an individual's biology.

Restrictions & Preferences

Full granularity. From individual ingredients, to dietary groups e.g., FODMAPs.

Clinical Labs

All labs supported (blood chemistry to OMICs). User results fed back into personalized dietary programs.


Integrate with consumer devices (e.g., wearables) to tailor diets according to real-time measurements.

Full developer platform

We accelerate time to market according to your needs.


Enhance the customer experience. Lower development costs. Accelerate prototyping and development.

White Label

Deploy your app within weeks. Integrate clinical labs and wearables. Deeply personalize dietary programs.


Develop even faster. We provide libraries, code samples, and other utilities.

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