Improve your health outcomes

Proactive personalized platform to deliver nutrition-related programs

Proactive Food Suggestions

API, SDK and White label Apps for enterprise and business customers

Platform for building and implementing personalized nutrition apps

  • Nutrition Tracker

    Using AI, every ingredient, recipe and restaurant meal logged is instantly broken down into nutritional components.
  • Menu Scanner AR Lens

  • Shopping List Generator

  • Restaurant Finder

  • Recipe Browser

  • Personalized Meal Planner

Select your dietary program then personalize

Patented technology driven by deep neural networks

  • 520K


  • 35M

    Menu Items

  • 600K

    Grocery Items

  • 1.7M


Platform-as-Service for Proactive Personalized Nutrition

Suggestic's Platform-as-Service offers APIs, SDKs and white label apps for health plans, nutritition, fitness, wellness and food to help businesses deliver nutrition-related personalized programs.
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