We use AI to help you choose food for weight loss, reduced disease risk or health improvement.

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Food as Medicine, Personalized

Suggestic combines your eating habits and food preferences with the latest nutritional science.

Optimal food choices are then instantly displayed according to your goals whether at home or restaurant.

Eating Out

Find out your optimal meal options at over 500.000 restaurants using Suggestic's chatbot or through our unique augmented reality interface.

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The Problem

Healthy eating choices have most of us confused. We're bombarded with nutritional information, often conflicting. Even if we did know precisely what we should eat, because of behavioral factors we find it very difficult to stick to.

Our Goal

Determine each individual's optimal eating choices according to their particular dietary goals, food preferences, home cooking or choice of eatery. Present the choices in an easy to use smartphone app.

Our Solution

We employ AI to process thousands of scientific papers, proven clinical guidelines, dietary rules, along with each person's unique physiology and eating habits. We offer a chatbot and an augmented reality user interface using understanding of behavioral science to help you reach your goal far more effectively.

At Home

Discover and easily follow optimal recipe suggestions just for you. Try using the contents of your fridge as input!

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William Davis, MD
Cardiologist and New York Times Bestselling Author
“Smart choices in food empower health and avert hundreds of health conditions. Food is more powerful than any nutrional supplement, any form of exercise, any prescription drug — nothing matches the power of the choices you make in food.”
David Perlmutter, MD
Neurologist and New York Times Bestselling Author
“We live in a country where there are 28 million diabetics and by and large this is a choice, you choose to become diabetic based upon what you choose to eat.”
Mark Hyman, MD
Physician and New York Times Bestselling Author
“Dr Ludwig had one study where he put people on isocaloric diets. Same calories, one was 60%, one was 10% fat. The 60% fat burned 325 calories more a day by doing nothing else except eating fats. That’s like running an hour a day by sitting on the couch.”
Elizabeth Sanders, MPH, RND
Associate Director of Nutrition at International Food Information Council Foundati
“Americans rely on many different sources for their information when it comes to what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. Not all of these sources are really highly trusted, and it is likely that these sources share inconsistent information.”

The Science

Only the minority of our lifetime health is determined by the healthcare system or our genetics. The majority is attributed to our behavior and environment.

Today’s chronic diseases and the obesity epidemic are rooted in our lifestyle choices, most notably our eating choices.

Suggestic's AI continuously discovers the causal patterns underlying the daily dynamic interplay among our genetics, environment and our daily food choices. This enables us to lose-weight more effectively, reduce our chronic-disease risk and improve our health.

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