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William Davis, MD
Cardiologist and New York Times Bestselling Author
Smart choices in food empower health and avert hundreds of health conditions. Food is more powerful than any nutrional supplement, any form of exercise, any prescription drug — nothing matches the power of the choices you make in food.
David Perlmutter, MD
Neurologist and New York Times Bestselling Author
We live in a country where there are 28 million diabetics and by and large this is a choice, you choose to become diabetic based upon what you choose to eat.
Elizabeth Sanders, MPH, RND
Associate Director of Nutrition at International Food Information Council Foundation
Americans rely on many different sources for their information when it comes to what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. Not all of these sources are really highly trusted, and it is likely that these sources share inconsistent information.
Mark Hyman, MD
Physician and New York Times Bestselling Author
Dr Ludwig had one study where he put people on isocaloric diets. Same calories, one was 60%, one was 10% fat. The 60% fat burned 325 calories more a day by doing nothing else except eating fats. That’s like running an hour a day by sitting on the couch.

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Always know what to order, buy or cook

Know your diet compliant options at 500,000+ restaurants, access 1+ million uniquely matched home recipes or automatic creation of the right shopping list for you.

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“By tailoring suggestions around an individual’s dietary preference and nutritional portfolio, the chat-like app essentially becomes your ‘lifestyle GPS,’ providing actionable suggestions in the right place at the right time.”
“By adapting machine-learning models, Suggestic culls and analyzes correlated patterns between the user’s genes, diet and metabolism, then generates personalized recommendations to reverse the diabetes.”
“Averages-based solutions are not effective. All of us are unique individuals and need our treatments to be tailored specifically to our metabolism, genetics, microbiome, psychology, preferences, and so much more.”
Medical Daily
“Researchers at Suggestic believe it can be treated and even reversed through lifestyle changes, and have developed an app to help people control their condition.”
[...] one of Suggestic’s most interesting features is an AI-powered restaurant tool that empowers users to find the best items for their eating plan and health goals from the menus of more half a million chain and local eateries nationwide.
Cooking Light
Suggestic is a diet app that helps you achieve your fitness goals by letting you make smart choices in food. Without the right food nothing you do will have much effect on your body. You’ve gotta eat right. That’s where Suggestic comes in.
Men's Journal
Point your phone at a restaurant menu and instantly overlaid on top of it you’ll see what's good for you, according to your diet, biology, preferences, and goals. That is the idea behind Suggestic.”


Optimize it to You

Tailor your plan to your unique biology by taking a food sensitivity test at home that measures IgG antibody levels to 96 common foods.

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We are excited to partner with Heartbeat to offer you a FREE month of Suggestic Premium. You can get it by purchasing the offer in the Heartbeat app.