The Leading Personalized Nutrition Platform

Improve your user experience and engagement with our API, SDK and White Label Solutions

How it Works

Create personalized experiences for your users

  1. Create your own dietary programs
  2. Personalize to each body's health needs
  3. Customize for every personĀ“s preferences & lifestyle
  4. Guide users through their health journey
  5. Track progress, adherence & outcomes
Improve suggestions through continuous AI-learning feedback loops

Modules and Functionality

  • Nutrition Tracker

    Using AI, every ingredient, recipe and restaurant meal logged is instantly broken down into nutritional components.
  • Menu Scanner AR Lens

  • Shopping List Generator

  • Restaurant Finder

  • Recipe Browser

  • Personalized Meal Planner

Comprehensive data sources

  • 520K


  • 35M

    Menu Items

  • 600K

    Grocery Items

  • 1.7M


Platform-as-Service for Personalized Nutrition

Suggestic's Platform-as-Service offers APIs, SDKs and white label apps for nutrition, fitness, wellness and food companies to deliver personalized nutrition programs.
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