Solve our most pressing health challenges by creating a data science of eating

We go to work every day because we want to tackle the greatest health challenges of the 21st century.

We want to shift healthcare from treatment of symptoms to primordial prevention through ‘precision eating’.

And we don’t just want people to be “healthy”. We want each individual’s health optimized rather than just an asymptomatic average.

Today poor eating choices contribute more than twice to disease and death worldwide than alcohol, smoking and physical inactivity combined. The chronic diseases we see in our society are for the most part, nutritional diseases. 

For example half of California is now diabetic or prediabetic. The majority of diabetes is caused by what we choose to eat. And once you're type 2 diabetic you've doubled your risk of other chronic diseases such as Alzheimer's for which there is no cure.

By making optimal eating choices we can prevent the majority of chronic disease. But we can also upgrade our genetic function, enhance athleticism, positively impact body composition and improve our overall health.

Food needs to be understood as an information source which modulates our biology rather than simply a fuel source. Like a language conveying information from the outside world, programming our genes and our metabolisms for the better or for worse.

We’re using artificial intelligence to decipher this language of food. We’re employing that fluency so that you can confidently make optimal eating choices, individualized just for you. This shortens the path to your health, fitness and wellness goals.