Executive Team
Science & AI
Advisory Board

Victor Chapela

CEO & Co-Founder

Entrepreneur, caring husband, loving dad, book junkie & out-of-the-box thinker. Expertise in AI, machine learning, risk modeling, and information security. Founded six technology companies in the US and Mexico.

Suneil Koliwad, MD, PhD.

Chief Medical Officer

Physician and scientist leading a diabetes research lab at UCSF. Figuring out the links between nutritional excess, inflammation, and metabolic diseases. Teacher at the UCSF graduate and medical schools.

Shai Rozen

CMO & Co-Founder

Human being, currently living on planet earth. Serial entrepreneur, growth hacker and product builder. Passionate about life and the quest for immortality.

Freddie Seba

Partnerships & Alliances

Serial builder and connector at the intersection of creativity, business development, and compliance/legal. Stanford & Yale MBA. Book junkie, yogi, biker.

Carlos Uribe

Senior Mobile Developer

iOS Mage. Dreams coffee, writes jokes and drinks all the code, VR and AR enthusiast.

Ernesto Vargas

Sr. Backend Developer

Coffee and computer lover, interested in API design, and always guided by the The Zen of Python.

Jeroen van der Tuin

Señor Javascript Developer

I am focussed on creating usable user interfaces and very excited about working in the nutrition and health care space.

Jesus Garcia

UX Researcher and Interaction Designer

Passionate to deliver Human-Centered Experiences, and a strong believer that an interaction is like a joke, if you need to explain it, it's not that good.

José Antonio Tena Sendra

Design & UI

I strive to live by my favourite quote: ”Design the beautiful, deliver the impossible”. A passionate: aviation & technology geek, #Foodie, love gadgets, startups & trying new gizmos.

Omar Gonzales

Back end Developer

And Python lover. Trying to change the world one line of code at a time. Always eager to try new things and develop new ideas.

Vicente Garcia

Mobile hero

He has been playing with algorithms since elementary school, developing experiences for mobile devices that relate to his own passions. “Optimize everything!” is his motto.

David Kas

Applied Mathematician

Passionate about machine learning, knowledge handling and AI. I enjoy long talks about any fields of knowledge around drinks. My philosophy: The more you move, the more you provoke randomness, and the more you learn about the universe.

Ismael Fernandez

Computer Scientist

Deep learning enthusiast, Formula 1 fan and speed lover. Guided by DIY ethic.

Leonardo Ferrer, MSc.

Visual Computing Expert

Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Graphics, and AR/VR are his domains. "Nothing is impossible, it only takes time" is his mentality.

Science fiction, Gaming, Real Madrid, and Shōnen are his pastimes.

Ricardo Corral PhD(c)

Machine Learning Wizard

Applied mathematician specialized in computational biochemistry and machine learning. He enjoys mixing different approaches together to make simple solutions to complex problems.

Alejandro Espinosa, MD


Founder Institute for Synthesis in Medicine. Founder Nutrigenica. Physician / Functional Medicine

Anne Alexander


Specialized in developing highly successful media brands and products. Turn-around and launch specialist.

Fernando Esponda, PhD

Data Science

Co-Founder at Sm4rt Predictive, Director of Masters program in CS at ITAM, PhD Artificial Immune Systems.

Michael Fishman

Marketing & Strategy

Leading advisor on marketing, positioning and strategy for health, wellness and personal development businesses and personalities . Consumer Health Summit founder.