Suggestic APIs

Personalized Nutrition at your fingertips

Suggestic APIs are designed specifically for developers that need tools, content, and support for rapid deployment and scalable growth. Creating personalized nutrition experiences has never been easier!

A Complete Toolkit

Suggestic offers the most powerful and flexible tools to build personalized nutrition solutions. Whether you’re creating a DNA-based meal planner or an employee wellness coaching app, Suggestic’s powerful APIs and unmatched functionality will help you create the best possible experience for your users.

  • Create plans and programs

    Set up rules and triggers targeting user profiles, foods, macro, and micronutrients. Or select from over 25 pre-sets.

  • Personalize

    Set up your user’s profiles with custom parameters and goals. Import data from assessments, devices, lab tests, and other sources.

  • Meal Plans

    Generate meal plans based on your user’s profiles, preferences, and restrictions.

  • Shopping Lists

    Turn recipes and meal plans into shopping lists.

  • Shoppability*

    Make recipes and grocery lists shoppable at major retailers.

  • Food Logging

    Create a list of aggregated meal nutrients for the given date ranges.

  • Recipes

    Produced personalized recipe suggestions or search by name, diet, ingredients, cuisine, and more.

  • Restaurants

    Recommend individual restaurant menu items that fit your user's profile and find restaurants by geolocation, rating, prices, and cuisine.

  • And more…

    Explore our full documentation or reach out to learn more.

All Data and Content Included

By integrating with Suggestic you get unlimited access to all our datasets through the different modules of our API, as well as access to premium data by Edamam. You can also upload your own product and recipe databases.

  • 179
  • 1K
    Food Groups
  • 7K
  • 520K
  • 600K
    Grocery Items
  • 1.7M
  • 35M
    Menu Items

Developers First

We believe that health is better served by creating and delivering personalized nutrition programs. We obsess over solving the technological challenges so you don’t have to.

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