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The most delicious food suggestions to meet your users' needs and improve health outcomes


  • Increase Engagement and perceived value
  • Improve Health outcomes
  • Lower Total cost of ownership
  • Speed up Time-to-market, deliver in weeks!

Empowering our Customers

Wellness Apps

Connect your at-home lab tests or device with personalized nutrition offerings in the form of meal plans and dynamic meal scoring. Create new revenue streams by offering subscriptions and digital therapies.

Health Plan Apps

Science-backed nutrition plans are just the beginning. Personalization through health coaches, dietitians, and medical records improves engagement and helps track outcomes.

Fitness Apps

Dynamically match nutrition to each person's plan and fitness goals. Integrate Suggestic's third party lab tests, devices and dietary programs to further personalize the experience.

Food Delivery Apps

We offer a seamless platform integration so that your users' personalized nutrition programs can be easily matched with your products and menu itenms.

Nutrition Apps

Create detailed dietary programs by matching any biomarker to macronutrient, micronutrient or health outcomes. Dynamically deliver meal recommendations to match each personalized program.
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Product Functionality

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