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No Grain, No Pain 30-Day Diet

Dr. Peter Osborne

This is a 30-day program divided into two phases. The first is the kick-off phase, where you will eliminate grains and other trouble-causing food groups. The two-phase 30-day program, will allow you to begin the process of becoming a true Gluten-Free Warrior: healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Follow this program for 30 days, and not only will you see dramatic pain reduction, but you will also experience across-the-board improvements in your health. You will almost certainly experience some of the following: •Reduced pain and stiffness •Reduced muscle aches •Reduced fatigue •Improved energy •Enhanced mental clarity (less brain fog) •Reduced gastrointestinal symptoms •Improved bowel function •Less frequent headaches (if you were plagued with them before) •Loss of anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds, depending upon your former weight (much of that will be inflammatory water weight, not necessarily fat. Not everyone will experience all these improvements in the first phase, nor may you need some of them. After completing the second phase, the 15-day Challenge, in which you will eliminate additional foods and make other lifestyle changes, including intermittent fasting, you will see profound changes in your overall health. 30 days is just the beginning. The road to complete health requires changing habits for a lifetime. If that seems hard to imagine, consider the alternative: years of pain, illness, and medications that do absolutely nothing to treat the origin of the pain, which all too often is the grain you eat almost daily.