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Healing Foods 28-Day Reset

Live Longer and Healthier—and Lose Weight— with the Healing Foods 28-Day reset
Dr. Michael Murray


The Healing Foods 28-Day Reset brings together healing forces that certain foods and their components exert on our health and well-being to provide a healthy eating and weight-loss program. This program incorporates the best of the most healthful diets in the world. One of the goals of this program, is to instill the importance of eating a wider spectrum of health-promoting foods. Healing foods 28-Day reset is meant to help you appreciate how eating a wide variety of foods can improve your health and well-being. People who include a variety of different foods in their diets have a lower rate of obesity than those who consume the same foods day in and day out. Open your eyes and mouth, and take advantage of the incredible bounty of foods that is available to you!

Dr. Michael Murray

Leading authority on Natural Medicine

Customer Reviews

  • I have followed Asprey's advice from his podcasts and other materials, and this book is 100% in line with that. Long story short, it's all here.
  • Being a "biohacker" for decades before ever even hearing that term, I must say the Bulletproof Diet is full of useful information.
  • Easy to follow! Meals and prep not at all difficult. Add one little costly, but combined with diet are good supplements.
  • Fantastic book! I'm reading another one by Dave, and it's as good at it gets! Highly highly recommend!
  • I've never had a coach like this to teach me what I should and shouldn't eat. Why?! They are so useful! Everyone needs one or an app like this.
  • Not only has my health improved through the use of this app, but my confidence also! I now know that I can make healthy decisions.
  • This app is an extremely useful tool because even if you don't know the first thing about nutrition, it will teach you.
  • I've struggled with nutrition for a few years. I'm not in very good shape, but then I started using this app. It has been 2 weeks and I've started eating a lot more healthy and I can now lose some of that weight I gained.