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10-Day Wheat Belly Grain Detox

With the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox you will get great health benefits such as: weight loss, drops in blood sugar, reduction in blood pressure, improvement in skin conditions, better gastrointestinal health, among others.
Dr. William Davis


This 10-Day Grain Detox distills all the wisdom of the original Wheat Belly books, incorporating the most insightful, cutting-edge and effective strategies, and sharing them with you so that you can begin your path to weight and health a short 10 days.

Dr. William Davis

Cardiologist + Author + Health Crusader

Customer Reviews

  • I have followed Asprey's advice from his podcasts and other materials, and this book is 100% in line with that. Long story short, it's all here.
  • Being a "biohacker" for decades before ever even hearing that term, I must say the Bulletproof Diet is full of useful information.
  • Easy to follow! Meals and prep not at all difficult. Add one little costly, but combined with diet are good supplements.
  • Fantastic book! I'm reading another one by Dave, and it's as good at it gets! Highly highly recommend!
  • I've never had a coach like this to teach me what I should and shouldn't eat. Why?! They are so useful! Everyone needs one or an app like this.
  • Not only has my health improved through the use of this app, but my confidence also! I now know that I can make healthy decisions.
  • This app is an extremely useful tool because even if you don't know the first thing about nutrition, it will teach you.
  • I've struggled with nutrition for a few years. I'm not in very good shape, but then I started using this app. It has been 2 weeks and I've started eating a lot more healthy and I can now lose some of that weight I gained.