Learn How Your Body Reacts to 96 Common Foods

Food Sensitivity Test:
$ 199.99 USD

Measures: IgG antibody levels to 96 foods
Collection Method: Finger Prick Blood

Food Sensitivity Test


This at-home test measures your immune response to 96 different foods to help you understand what foods when eliminated may improve the way you feel.

Use your results to personalize your Suggestic program and reach your optimal health.

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What's Measured

Our full spectrum Food Sensitivity test measures your body’s IgG antibody levels to the most common 96 foods.

Food sensitivities are a type of immune reaction by the Immunoglobulin G antibody (“IgG” for short).
This type of reaction kicks off an inflammation process that may contribute to headaches, joint pain, eczema, gut malabsorption, and other chronic conditions.
Food sensitivities are difficult to find without a lab test,
as the IgG immune reaction can take up to 3 full days to occur. On the other hand, food allergies involve the Immunoglobulin E antibody (“IgE”) and almost always occurs within the first 2 hours of ingestion.
It’s estimated that more than 20% of the population
in industrialized countries regularly experience food reactions and that number continues to rise.

How it Works

Order your test

Once you purchase, the test kit  will be delivered to your home. Collect your sample with an easy finger prick.

Send your sample

Return to our CLIA-certified partner lab with the included prepaid shipping. Wait a couple of days.

Review your results

A board-certified physician will review your results then send via email with an interpretation guide & supporting video.

Your Results

The results of your Food Sensitivity test will guide you in what foods you should completely or partially remove from your diet.

Unlike food allergies, which generally persist throughout a lifetime, IgG food sensitivities may go away in some people if they fully avoid the food for a few months.

Set your tests results in the Suggestic app to avoid the different foods that your body is reacting to*.

*Please note that If you consistently react to a food whether or not a food sensitivity test is positive you should avoid that food.

What's in Your Kit:

Single-use lancets for pricking your finger
Finger prick blood card for collecting the sample
Alcohol pad for cleaning your finger
Adhesive bandage
Prepaid shipping bag for returning your sample
Directions and ongoing support