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Create and deliver dietary programs

Platform as a Service

Suggestic has your app for that. We build white label software applications for health plans, nutrition, fitness, wellness and food.

Photo of two people leaving a gym
Photo of two people leaving a gym

AI Predictive Nutrition Platform

Suggestic can create any app that employs variables like macros, type of cuisine, even something as specific as "foods rich in vitamin B."(1) We ingest data from assessments, devices, lab tests, dietitians and more in order to suggest (2)meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, restaurants, menu items and personalized scores (3). So that we can track and measure (4) then analyze and learn using AI to create even smarter food programs (5).

AI Map

AI Map

Embedded Data

Our patented technology is driven by deep neural networks that pull embedded data from many sources.
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  • 35M

    Menu Items

  • 600K

    Grocery Items

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Our Personalized Nutrition Technology

Suggestic App

The Suggestic app can be implemented as is for individual users to create a personalized nutrition experience.

APIs and SDK

Suggestic SDK and APIs are available for those interested in augmenting their own app with our software kit and interfaces.

White Label app

Development of branded software products.

Admin Panel

An administration console from which to create the look and feel of your app, manage users, programs, test results and recipes and track engagement and progress.

Dietary Program Creation

Personalized nutrition guidelines are encoded using assessments, test results, filters and coaching feedback.

Patented AI

Predictive nutrition platform IDs food suggestions most likely to be acted upon for increased engagement and improved health outcomes.

Product Functionality

Premium User

Premium app users and households
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Product Functionality Premium app users and householdsNutritionists, dietitians, health coachesStartups and small & medium businessesLarge organizations & government agencies
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