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Suggestic does not coerce users to give up their food related beliefs, values, or preferences. Instead we ask each user to subscribe to an initial base diet (e.g. paleo) and then set any personal preferences (e.g. no pork).

After which suggestions start being offered within those constraints and our AI deciphers exactly what is and what is not, working for that unique user. Your audience gains all the benefits of your authorship work plus access to the technologies and insights provided by Suggestic.

If you are a diet, nutrition or recipe author, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out below or sign up to our affiliate program here.

Employers can expect employees to have fewer trips to the doctor, fewer missed workdays, and higher job performance by encouraging and enabling employees to know exactly what is best for their individual health to eat.

Life and health insurers can benefit from healthier populations and offer premium discounts to members who want to be rewarded for eating better. If you are responsible for the health or health costs of a population please contact us.
We’re always ready to explore new research partnerships both within the United States and internationally to facilitate new ideas and help advance interdisciplinary research into food as medicine and AI.

We welcome research partnerships with a wide range of partners including individuals, communities, academic and research institutions. We foster productive and transparent relationships with our research partners, ensuring alignment. We’re particularly interested in clinical scientists who are interested in facilitating translation of data and scientific evidence into better health and wellness outcomes.
If you or your organization are already offering eating advice, whether digital or not, we can offer you a place on our platform.

Our AI platform brings end-user added value by determining precisely what within your recommendations is working (or not working) specifically for each user. End-user added value is provided by our augmented reality and chatbot interfaces technologies along with our extensive databases of restaurant menus, grocery store products and recipes.

If you would like to help towards the goal we’ve set forth, please contact us to find out how we can work together. We are open to consider everything from pro bono and voluntary engagements to strategic and visionary engagements with other companies and organizations.

With every partner, our goal is the same: To work together as trusted peers with the mutual goal of using food and data science to improve our health and wellness.

We’re pursuing an audacious goal to decode the information source we call ‘food’ and are creating a data science of eating in the process

We coined “precision eating” for taking the ancient adage “food as medicine” and applying this new data science to it. 

We’re going to use it to:

  • Tackle the chronic disease and obesity epidemic by empowering individuals to know unequivocally what is best for their health to eat, whenever and wherever they make eating choices.
  • Help shift healthcare from treatment of symptoms with pills and procedures to primordial lifestyle based prevention.
  • Optimize the health and longevity of individuals who already consider themselves “healthy”.

Progress is only possible when we work together and partnerships lie at the root of all the positive transformation we’re aiming for.

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