Our Mission

Two years ago at the hospital, I kissed my father on the forehead and told him “papá, I love you, and don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” He had always been a strong man, I had only seen him cry once. But that night he had fear in his eyes.

I was wrong. He would not be “fine". He was not ok. He was not healthy. I got a call from my uncle next morning and I threw the phone as I hung up. He had passed away. And I felt I had not been there for him.

Both Shai and I lost our fathers to type 2 diabetes after starting Suggestic. The irony was that we had a mission to help over a billion people lead healthier, happier, longer lives. After our losses, this mission become much more personal, it became our sole purpose in life. It was too late to help our fathers, but we were in time to help many other parents and loved ones across the globe.

The problem is billions of people have food-induced chronic diseases. And the incentives behind this are all wrong:

  1. The multi-trillion dollar food industry makes most of its money from unhealthy food
  2. And the multi-trillion dollar healthcare industry makes most of its profit from sick people

The establishment lacks short-term economic incentives towards individual optimal health. This has created a vicious cycle where people all around the world are increasingly sicker, for longer time and at a higher cost than ever before.

At Suggestic, for the first couple of years we tried selling directly to healthcare providers, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals and even food companies. We learned the hard way that our goals and incentives were not aligned with theirs. If we were going to help individuals, we would have to completely bypass these industries and go directly to who would benefit the most: YOU.

I've recently shared more on the story that lead us to Suggestic's mission in this blog post.