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How it works

A quiz helps determine your most advantageous diet.

Include your own quiz or assessment

Your users can personalize their food suggestions and journey by sharing their goals and preferences.

Select from many convenient programs

Select your program

Define your own dietary rulesets and allow your customers to chose from your eating plans. Enable them to select and personalize your plans to explore delicious, affordable and convenient food options.

Plan for all meals in your day

They will know what to order, cook & buy

Once they select their meals they can create shopping lists. Or if they are eating out, find the right restaurant menu items that comply with their plan. Log breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks to see just how healthy and nutritious their new eating plan is.

AR Menu Scanner

Point your phone at the menu to see precisely how each food item is scored according to your personalized dietary program, references and sensitivities.

The Benefits


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  • Apple
  • Shape
  • Cooking Light
  • Men's Journal

Ratings and Reviews

CollEwll, 1/18/2019
The free recipes this app provides look fantastic! There is a nice mix of desserts and meals. Everything is pretty healthy and all specifics of what to use and how to make the foods are included…
KWilson_FitFizz, 6/2/2018
This app is probably the most intuitive, useful, user-friendly app that I’ve ever used. As a graphic designer, nutrition coach and also someone who knows the struggles of eating with food sensitivities and…
demoshops, 4/21/2019
I feel better because I'm eating way healthier at home since I first discovered this app. It's easy to find restaurant suggestions too, which is great! :)

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