Should you drink raw milk? Part 2

What can I read if I want to know more about raw milk?

First, you need to read the first half of this article right here.

You can go to your public library and read these books and if you cannot find them then you can buy them used on Amazon for only a few dollars and make a small donation.

The Raw Milk answer Book: What You REALLY Need to Know About Our Most Controversial Food is a recently published book written by David E. Gumpert.

He also wrote the book Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Food Rights: The Escalating Battle over Who Decides What We Eat back in 2013.

The Raw Milk RevolutionHe also wrote the book The Raw Milk Revolution: Behind America’s Emerging Battle over Food Rights back in 2009.

The Untold Story of Milk: Green Pastures, Contented Cows and Raw Dairy Products is a book written by Ron Schmid back in 2003 and a lot of people found it interesting because he wrote another book called The Untold Story of Milk, Revised and Updated: The History, Politics and Science of Nature’s Perfect Food: Raw Milk from Pasture-Fed Cows in 2009 and this book remains to this day as one of the most popular books in the Cheese & Dairy category and in the Raw category on Amazon.

What can I read if I want to fight Dean Foods to the death?

Dean Foods (DF) used to be one of the largest food processing companies in the entire world back in 2013. They generated a massive annual profit of $813,178,000 that year.

Unfortunately, they could not sell quickly enough their milk factories in Belgium and use the cash to buy a smaller profitable food processing company growing faster and with higher margins and they lost $20,296,000 in 2014.

If you want to compete with them and build your own milk factory then all you need is a cow, a farm and a book called The Small-Scale Dairy: The Complete Guide to Milk Production for the Home and Market written by Gianaclis Caldwell.

pet cowWhy stop there? Build your own cream factory and your own cheese factory.

If you live in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles then you cannot fool your landlord and tell him that your cow is a pet and keep it inside your apartment but you can send me enough cash to buy a cow and my farmers in Mexico will produce enough milk for your entire family and sell it in the local market and I will send you the cash by PayPal and you can use that cash to buy your milk at Wal-Mart as usual.

In other words, you will get free milk for the rest of your life.

It’s not exactly rocket science.


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  • Stella

    So, this is only my personal experience so it might not apply to everyone. I loved milk and almost all my days started with a bowl of milk and rolled oats plus whatever fruits I had handy. A year ago I started having a lot of rashes on my face and it seems it’s all down to milk. Now I don’t have any and you can tell, my face is clearer and rash free. If you like and feel great after drinking unpasteurized milk, than do so. This goes the same for pasteurized milk and those who don’t like or don’t want to drink milk.

    • Thank you for the comment Stella.

  • Brooke

    Couldn’t agree more, Stella! I eat mostly raw milk because it has a higher content of fats and a richer taste. I even started making my own yoghurt and it tastes amazing!

  • Andrea

    I’m not going to open a factory but I plan to stop buying cheese and yoghurt products and start making them myself. I already make my own yoghurt and the difference is amazing, plus I knowexactly how it’s made.