What You Get

The most advanced program ever created to deal with type 2 diabetes and optimizing health.

Personalization to the Core

It's all about who you are. We look into your health data, your preferences and the sensors on your phone to create a precise plan that targets your unique requirements.

The Latest Science

We use the latest evidence-based guidelines, monitor for new relevant research and apply it to your program to make sure the latest scientific discoveries are incorporated to your plan.

A Virtual Coach

Our continuously learning, automated personal coach is available 24x7 to guide you towards a healthier life, providing you with suggestions and help in the right place and at the right time.

The Science Behind Suggestic

Lifestyle and environment are triggers of Type 2 Diabetes

Current research shows that a number of factors can trigger the genesis of Type 2 Diabetes by managing how genes are expressed.
For example, diet might be able to modify the chemical tags associated with your DNA, called the epigenome. These epigenetic changes affect how genes behave and consequently affect metabolism and secretion of insulin, the hormone that controls your blood sugar levels1.

Our Scientific Approach to Optimize your Health

Contrary to what you learned in school...

Genes are not fixed, they have "switches" that turn on and off by things like life experiences and environmental influences and can trigger disease2. Fortunately, these modifications are reversible through a set of lifestyle changes that fit your unique needs3.

The challenging part is that our genome contains millions of these "switches", so it's no surprise that without deep personalization most programs out there don't seem to work. At Suggestic, we have developed technology that helps address these short-comings.

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Continuous personalization: the key to your success

Precision medicine is an approach to disease treatment and prevention that seeks to maximize effectiveness by taking into account your individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle4.

Precision medicine might bring us closer to addressing diseases like cancer and diabetes. Personalized solutions are needed to keep us healthier.

Based on those principles, we look into your lab results – including DNA, blood, saliva and gut microbiome – and your health provider's prognosis together with your diet and activity logs to create a digital representation of your profile to create an individualized nutrition and lifestyle program just for you.

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Combining proven methodologies

We combine methodologies that have proven effective at a general population level, with your health data and the latest scientific research.

We then stack all this knowledge and apply advanced machine learning technology, to continually extract and refine more precise lifestyle recommendations.

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How it Works

Take a look at what's included in your plan. Click on the features below:

Get in control of your type 2 Diabetes

Managing type 2 Diabetes is not an easy task and it may seem impossible at times because changing your lifestyle and habits is hard, but we are here to support you at all times.

Our systems work 24 hours a day analyzing your health data in order to find the patterns that will prove most effective at dealing with your condition.

As you use the Suggestic app and add new health data, we collect millions of data points that help us understand what is happening in your body and deliver to you an evolved version of your personalized plan.

Take control of your health in 3 simple steps

1. Get started

Simply download the Suggestic app and follow the welcome screens to start personalizing your program. If available, you will be prompted to upload your genetic and health data for further personalization.

2. Your first plan

Receive your personalized lifestyle program directly in the app, including recommended changes for nutrition, activities, sleep, stress management, supplements and more. All based on your unique requirements.

3. Keep getting better

Use the companion app to follow your program and upload any health data you may have to get your program automatically updated for continuous improvement.

More than an app, a lifestyle GPS

With a chat-like interface the Suggestic app is available 24x7 to guide you towards a healthier life.

Receive your completely individualized plan right in your pocket through the Suggestic app. See your whole program, track and visualize your progress, give feedback and report on food, activity, mood, blood sugar, and much more.

Feeling good is a fundamental part of being healthy, so we also personalize your experience according to your personal preferences and location.

Practical suggestions in the right place and at the right time

Memorizing rules and going around with a piece of paper doesn't make sense anymore. The Suggestic app delivers your plan in a digested and actionable format.

Over 1 million recipes filtered to your precise requirements

No worries about eating out. We'll help you choose the right items at more than 500,000 restaurants

Need help figuring out the right shopping list? You got it!

Smart reminders to keep you on track with your pills, activity and anything you need

And so much more to keep your life as simple as possible

Upload any health data you may have to improve the level of personalization of your program.


Your genes are where it all starts from, even though they do not define your destiny they represent the foundation of your health. We look into your DNA to understand what your starting point is.

Gut Microbiome

When properly balanced, the microbes in your gut perform extremely important tasks, such as digest the foods you eat and produce some of the vitamins your body needs.

Quantified You

Because how you live your life is important, keeping track of what you do becomes the core difference at the time of personalizing your plan.

Blood and Saliva

Your biomarkers talk about your past, present and future. We use that information to delve deeper into your health and micro-personalize your program to your precise needs.

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