Always know the right thing to eat.

Automated & personalized nutrition guidance.

  • Menu items at over 500.000 restaurants.
  • More than 1 million recipes filtered to your needs.
  • Customized grocery lists.
  • Snacks suggestions whenever you need.

For diabetes, for weight loss, for vegetarians, for paleo, for vegans, for better health, for everyone, for you.

Effortless Diet Adherence

Suggestic helps you make the right choices everytime, everywhere.

1. Personalize

Define your goals, choose a science-based diet as a base and add your preferences and restrictions to get your fully personalized diet plan.

2. Follow

Based on your personalized diet you'll receive instant recommendations for restaurant menu items that best adhere to your diet, a customized grocery list, recipes, tips and snack options when you have a craving.

3. Get Healthier

Stop focusing on what you shouldn't eat! Let Suggestic discover and suggest what you should. Follow the recommendations and get healthier.

What if sticking to your diet was as easy as pie?

Successfully adhering to your diet is not about motivation.

We would all like to effortlessly stick to our diets, but diets are usually hard to understand and even harder to follow.

Just as we use a GPS to find the best route to go to work, Suggestic can help you find the best food options anytime, anywhere.

The Secret to Your Success

Less options, better choices

Let's face it! There are just too many options out there.

Behavioral science has proven that the best way to change our habits is by constraining choice. By analyzing the world in real-time, Suggestic provides you with the options that best adhere to your personalized diet.

Restaurant menu item recommendations, personalized grocery lists, help with meal suggestions, recipes and snack options for whenever you are hungry.

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Always available when and where you need it

You can have an amazing session on Monday with your coach, but by the weekend, your motivation fades away. Who is going to help you make the right choice then?

Suggestic is an virtual nutrition guide. It doesn’t sleep and it doesn’t take the weekend off. Suggestic is always available when and where you need it.

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Continuous improvement

With every interaction Suggestic's recommendations become more and more personalized, leading to ever increasing efficacy.

Suggestic's proprietary technology makes lifestyle changes easy in the real world by providing you with the right support and real-time enjoyable suggestions.

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Suggestic is a digital startup trying to tackle Type 2 diabetes using machine learning to create personalized interventions and guide users through them towards disease reversal.

The founders have created a “lifestyle GPS” app that works as a personal assistant to help people with Type 2 diabetes navigate towards a healthier lifestyle by providing contextual suggestions related to nutrition, physical activity, exercise, sleep and stress management.

If nothing else, Suggestic is a prime example of artificial intelligence done right. With proper execution, we won’t need to fear computers like Watson; we’ll be putting them to use to better humanity and the planet we live in.

With an estimated nine percent of adults suffering from the illness, diabetes has become one of the great health crisis of the 21st century. Most diabetes sufferers have to live with Type 2 diabetes, which causes their blood sugar level to become too high. Although widely considered a lifelong condition, researchers at believe it can be treated and even reversed through lifestyle changes, and Suggestic has developed an app to help people control their condition.

When it comes to managing type 2 diabetes, patients have a lot to deal with. Besides making sure their blood sugar (glucose) is at the correct level, diabetics must also take various medications, eat healthy foods, and get regular exercise. A new app called Suggestic aims to help diabetics keep track of all these components, and more, by providing users with incredibly personalized lifestyle programs.

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